Hermione Inspired Headband

Hey All!

I was looking for an open work headband to knit, and I couldn't find one that I liked, so I wrote a pattern for my own! It's inspired by the open work in the hat that Hermione wears in the Deathly Hallows movie!

Here it is!

And here is the pattern for it!

1) CO 2 and inc. 1 at the beginning of each of the next rows until you have 13 stitches
2) k all
3) k1 p12 k1
4) k all
5) k1 p2 YO k2tog p3 YO k2tog p3 k1
6) k all
7) k1 p3 Yo k2tog p3 YO k2tog p2 k1
8) k all
9) k1 p4 YO k2tog p3 YO k2tog p1 k1
*repeat steps 2 through 9 until headband is the desired length*
10) k2tog at the beginning of each of the next rows until only 2 remain
11) k2tog and tie ends together
12) wear it!

I knit this out of a fairly stretchy wool and mine ended up being about 14 inches from end to end. I recommend making it slightly smaller than you would think to, as it needs to be snug so to keep your hair back.
Here I am, wearing mine!

Happy Stitchin!
          Katie H


Hermione's Hat


AH. *breaths a sigh of relief*. You out there in the internet world, yes you, right there. You are now up to date on my knitting shenanigans. This hat is my most recent creation. I actually finished it today. Oh joy be to me. Now, on with it. 
My hat! (sideways)
 This hat is taken from the pattern Hermione <3's Ron by Christy Aylesworth. The original pattern can be found here. I knit it on size 9 round needles (16 in). It is knit with an old grey tweed that was in my mom's stash, without a label. It knit up a bit large, so I ended up putting a fold in at the back of it to make it fit my head. The whole thing took me less than a day, knitting mostly constantly. It turned out well, if you ask me! It's very warm, and looks almost exactly like the one that Hermione wears in the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Even for someone who is not a Harry Potter fan, it knits up quick and very pretty. 

Me (looking slightly creepy) in my hat

 Here is the hat on my Ravelry!

Happy Stitchin!
           Katie H

Epic Potter Socks!


These are my most epic Harry Potter Socks. I finished them recently and love them dearly. They are knit on sizes 2 and 3 double points and knit with Lions Brand Vanna's Choice in Cranberry and Mustard (not a pleasant color name, but it matches perfectly with the red). 

These are the heels. The Gs are done as embroidery when the socks are done. 
These are the fronts. The lions are done as embroidery when the socks are done.

Me wearing my lovely socks. I changed the pattern to be knee socks.

The front and back together.
Many thanks to Lykkefanten on Ravelry for this amazing pattern. To make the socks look like this, please look at my notes on Ravelry, as I made many changes. 

My Pattern  
Original Pattern (link to the PDF download)

Happy Stitchin!
          Katie H

Sweet Baby Boots


Several of my regular mothers that I do babysitting for have recently gotten pregnant. I wanted to make them something small and easy to knit, to celebrate their new arrival! I found these in the book Knitting Pretty by Kris Percival on page 73. The knit in maybe 2 hours and can be completely customized to fit the taste of the new mother. They were a hit! I highly recommend this pattern.

Happy Stitchin!

           Katie H


Simple First Sweater

You there! Hello!

This was my first venture into knitting a sweater. It was quite a journey. I knit it in November of last year, during production of my high school's musical. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to knit, but that was knitting rather a lot, and often in places I wasn't supposed to (like class). The yarn, Glen by Debbie Bliss, is 60% wools and 40% acrylic. It took just over seven 50g balls to complete. I'm about to go to Maine for a semester school, so I am so happy to have this lovely warm sweater. Maine in February is, suffice to say, rather cold. The pattern it is knit from is an old one of my mom's, so I can't reference y'all to it online, but the name of it is, Elkna Sweater.

Happy Stitchin!
           Katie H

Purple and Grey Mittens

Hey out there!

These are some mittens that I knit from a pattern out of the book Knitting Pretty by Kris Percival. They can be found on page 59. They are knit with Lions Brand Homespun in Dark Grey and Purple. Knit on size 6 double points. They are quite splendid and warm. I really recommended them!

Happy Stitchin!

           Katie H