Simple First Sweater

You there! Hello!

This was my first venture into knitting a sweater. It was quite a journey. I knit it in November of last year, during production of my high school's musical. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to knit, but that was knitting rather a lot, and often in places I wasn't supposed to (like class). The yarn, Glen by Debbie Bliss, is 60% wools and 40% acrylic. It took just over seven 50g balls to complete. I'm about to go to Maine for a semester school, so I am so happy to have this lovely warm sweater. Maine in February is, suffice to say, rather cold. The pattern it is knit from is an old one of my mom's, so I can't reference y'all to it online, but the name of it is, Elkna Sweater.

Happy Stitchin!
           Katie H

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