Hermione's Hat


AH. *breaths a sigh of relief*. You out there in the internet world, yes you, right there. You are now up to date on my knitting shenanigans. This hat is my most recent creation. I actually finished it today. Oh joy be to me. Now, on with it. 
My hat! (sideways)
 This hat is taken from the pattern Hermione <3's Ron by Christy Aylesworth. The original pattern can be found here. I knit it on size 9 round needles (16 in). It is knit with an old grey tweed that was in my mom's stash, without a label. It knit up a bit large, so I ended up putting a fold in at the back of it to make it fit my head. The whole thing took me less than a day, knitting mostly constantly. It turned out well, if you ask me! It's very warm, and looks almost exactly like the one that Hermione wears in the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Even for someone who is not a Harry Potter fan, it knits up quick and very pretty. 

Me (looking slightly creepy) in my hat

 Here is the hat on my Ravelry!

Happy Stitchin!
           Katie H

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