Hermione Inspired Headband

Hey All!

I was looking for an open work headband to knit, and I couldn't find one that I liked, so I wrote a pattern for my own! It's inspired by the open work in the hat that Hermione wears in the Deathly Hallows movie!

Here it is!

And here is the pattern for it!

1) CO 2 and inc. 1 at the beginning of each of the next rows until you have 13 stitches
2) k all
3) k1 p12 k1
4) k all
5) k1 p2 YO k2tog p3 YO k2tog p3 k1
6) k all
7) k1 p3 Yo k2tog p3 YO k2tog p2 k1
8) k all
9) k1 p4 YO k2tog p3 YO k2tog p1 k1
*repeat steps 2 through 9 until headband is the desired length*
10) k2tog at the beginning of each of the next rows until only 2 remain
11) k2tog and tie ends together
12) wear it!

I knit this out of a fairly stretchy wool and mine ended up being about 14 inches from end to end. I recommend making it slightly smaller than you would think to, as it needs to be snug so to keep your hair back.
Here I am, wearing mine!

Happy Stitchin!
          Katie H

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