Om Nom Hat

Hey Y'all!

So, for all the fans of the iPhone game Cut The Rope I decided to write a pattern for a hat that looks like Om Nom, the monster! The PDF can be found here! Enjoy!


V's Ellie

Internet, meet Horton! This is the elephant that I knit for Virginia and I'm kind of obsessed with him. His head is really floppy, but I've sewed it on tight enough that it won't fall off. She loves him, so I call this project a success!

V's Hat

This is the first in what is sure to be a long series of hats. I love how it turned out! 
With this yarn, the suggested 5 inches was too long in the actual body of the hat, so I’ve just rolled the ribbed section to make it a bit shorter! This is a super quick easy to follow pattern which can be found here

Ravenclaw Shrug

So, I actually finished this months ago! I've just been a horrible person and neglected my blog. Oh well! Better late than never! Here it is:


Starting A New Project!

Hey All!

I'm just starting a shrug (in Ravenclaw Blue) and I'm really excited about it! I'm knitting it with Cotton Fleece Blue Paradise and from this pattern!

I'll post again when it's finished!

Happy Stitchin!
          Katie H


Sale's Ear Warmer

Sale, one of my friends at Chewonki, was on farm chores during the chilly winter and asked me to make her a headband. Of course, I obliged. So here it is!

Yes that is me wearing it. Right before she took it off my head. 
MC: Vanna's Choice- Grey Marble
CC: Vanna's Choice- Light Blue

Cast On 20 sts.

work 15 rows stockinette in MC
then 4 rows CC

repeat until it is a bit smaller around than the head you are knitting it for. You want it to stretch some so that it stays on and keeps the ears nice and snuggly.

Happy Stitchin!
           Katie H


Sophie's Bag

So I knit this bag for my Gryffindor friend Sophie at Chewonki. She wanted something with the lion on it, so I designed this bag!

Obviously, she likes it 

Main Color: Vanna's Choice Cranberry
Contrasting Color: Vanna's Choice Mustard
Lion worked inartisia. pattern taken from

Lykkefanten's http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/go-gryffindor

Cast On 45 sts.
Knit 10 rows MC
Knit 3 rows CC
Knit 50 rows MC
*Knit 4 rows CC
  Knit 4 rows MC
  repeat from * 6 times
Knit 4 rows CC
Bind off

Happy Stitchin!
           Katie H